Monday, July 2, 2012

Working My Way Through

A few weeks ago, when I received the five photo albums from my aunt, I didn't realize how big a process it would be to scan and catalog the photos. To begin with, all the pages of the albums are falling out; all the photos are securely stuck to the pages, and there is little, if any descriptions of the photos. I've spent a few late nights delicately removing the sticky photos and scanning. My cataloging of the photos will happen at a later date.

 The picture above is of my grandfather and was taken while he was serving in the US Navy Seabees in October 1943. I know he served in Hawaii, but there is no indication of where the photo was taken. My grandfather, William Douglas Fields, is in the middle. I couldn't look less like a him.

from left to right: (back row) my great grandfather Charles A. Driscoll, child in high chair N/A, my grand aunt Josie Driscolll, (front row) my great grandmother  Elizabeth Slater Fields holding a child I don't know, my grandmother Dorothy Driscoll, my  grand aunt Eleanor Fields Peters holding one of her children, my mother Elizabeth Fields Barresi, my aunt Mary Fields Nourse, my grand uncle Charles A. Driscoll Jr. (Uncle Bunty,) my aunt Norma Driscoll holding one of her children, my grandfather William Douglas Fields holding his niece Brice/Bryce Driscoll
Kids sitting on the grass: (back row) N/A, N/A (front row) N/A, my uncle Joe Fields, my uncle Edward Fields, my aunt Anne C. Fields
The picture above is of my Fields and Driscoll family taken in my grandparents' yard on Floyd St. in Everett, MA. It was likely taken around 1957 based on the age of my mother.
Back row: my grandmother Dorothy Driscoll Fields, my grandfather William Douglas Fields front row: my mother Elizabeth Fields Barresi, Joseph Fields, Edward Fields, Mary Fields Nourse, and Anne C. Fields 
This final picture is a great photo of my mother and her family from October 1957. The were going to my grand uncle Charles A. Driscoll Jr.'s wedding. Charles Jr. was called Uncle Bunty and he was my mother's favorite. I'm pretty sure he was everyone's favorite. My mom's sister, Theresa, was not in the picture, likely because she was too young to attend the wedding. Coincidentally, she is the one that lent me the photo albums.

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