Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barresi Family Line

I intend to list the heritage of all the lines in mine and my wife's family. And I actually know/have the least information on my Barresi line. I can only make it back a few generations and if any fellow genealogy bloggers and researchers have advice, please don't hesitate.

Michael Stephen Barresi Jr (b. 5 Nov 1978 Malden, MA)
   m. Courtney Kathleen Evans (b. 3 Jan 1978 Gloucester, MA)
Michael Stephen Barresi (b. 5 Oct 1952 Revere, MA0
   m. Elizabeth Fields (b. 1 Jan 1953 Everett, MA)
Michael (Mario?) Joseph Barresi (b. 25 May 1924 Revere, MA d. 13 Mar 2010 Melrose, MA)
   m. Carmela (Camille) Belmonte (b. 28 Aug 1926 Revere, MA)
Francesco Barresi (b. 10 Mar 1880 Catania, Sicily, Italy d. DATE UNKNOWN Revere, MA)
   m. Caterina Nolfo (b. 7 Mar 1881 Mineo, Catania, Sicily, Italy d. DATE UKNOWN Revere, MA)


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    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

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  2. Mike
    Just tried to post something which went this repost is gonna be short.

    You are my wife's 2nd cousin once removed, we have data back to Guiseppe Ledda (her 4th Great Grandfather, your 5th Great Grandfather).

    Let's continue this via email: